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Tutorials are offered by Emmanuel Avargués, in his studio, as a one-on-one course, during 4 hours, and about any of the following topics of your choice. The best part: the chat will be articulated around your questions, your own equipments, your skills. You will be able to ask all the questions you want, related to the theme.

Customized tutorials are also offered, about any topics you wish to talk about related to photography, video, post-production, etc...you put the topics on the table and we chat about them! Take advantage of being personally with Emmanuel to clarify all your doubts! 

More complete 8 hours workshops based on the same topics are offered here, allowing to get more in depth, the classes being held in studio and outdoor depending on the workshop's topic. Tutorials are shorter, more concise, and usually in studio only.

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Basics of Photography
Your camera. Focusing. Depth of field. Speed. Aperture. Programs. Flashes. Settings. Framing.


Fashion & Editorial
How to shoot indoor and outdoor fashion photography? Getting ready.
Makeup. Stylism. Posing and guidance. Make it fun. How to light the set, how to take advantage of the surroundings. Framing. Post-production. Skin smoothing software and other tricks.


Portraits & Headshots
How to have people pose, how to light them, indoor and outdoor, how to talk to them, how to guide them. What about kids?


People & Street
What does it take to shoot in the street? how to picture people in the city, how to approach them, how to respect them? family, friends, strangers. Events like a Carnaval. Spontaneous. Glamorous.


Products & Food
It takes time. It takes a lot of dedication and patience. A detailed work than can be greatly rewarding. I'll take you through the process of portraying objects and cars, with or without a person as a model. 360ºs as well. Lighting, framing....How to comply with the client's wishes, versus freelance shooting. Stylism. Food Styling


At the right time, at the right place.
And you will certainly have to come back more than once to make it happen!
That is landscape photography. Patience, bugs, sun, cold, wet. It can get quite physical sometimes. Tripods and gears. Lenses. Filters. Remote shutters. What to pack with you


Flowers and leaves, mushrooms, fruits, and all those beautifull details that mother nature brings us for the pleasure of our lens. Macro and normal photography. Lighting. Equipments. Respecting nature. 


Equipment, rails, elbows and high-tech devices finally available. Lighting. Live subjects....how to?. Technique and more technique. Damn focus! Software and post-production


High Speed
High speed photography is highly entertaining! and the results are jaw-dropping when well done. Equipment. Technique. Safety


Night & Low Light
Learn to shoot in very low light situations, sunset, full moon and dark night: we will go to amazing places from late afternoon to late night until you get this shot right!
Moving water or landscapes, people or rocks, you want your pictures to stand out!
What is the right time?. "Painting with light" technique detailed.. Remote shutters.. Long exposure, ISO.


Artificial Light
All right, some people like it, some don't. Personally, I've made it my best friend instead of hating it. As an editorial photographer, I'd rather anyway!
Shadows, go! Products and people. Equipments: how to use, when. Portable vs plugged.


Equipments & How To's
Lenses. Lighting heads and gears. Reflectors and shades
Macro rails and other macro photography devices. High speed photography devices. Remote shutters. Filters. Bags. Back packing it all. What to take with you?. Cleaning and caring. Protecting.


How to shoot. Time Line. Concepts. Lighting. Rails, jibs, Dolly and more.


Post-production (Photos): Photoshop & More
Fix it. Basics. Advanced. Make this picture gorgeous! Fixing portraits and skins


Post-production (Videos): Final Cut & More
Time line. Tips. Special effects. 


Customized - Free Topics
Just ask!



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