Our photographic services in studio or on location indoor/outdoor for individuals (non-commercial assignments, products, etc...) have a base price of 250.00€ / hour, including one photographer, one assistant, basic lighting. It does not include make-up, stylism, props, or any other special needs.

It includes all good pictures selected by Emmanuel Avargués, developed (photos are always shot in RAW format), and fixed, then converted to JPEG format. For TIFF, extra charges apply: contact us for pricing. There is no limit to the number of pictures delivered unless otherwise agreed beforehand. Pictures are delivered at the highest resolution available.

Pictures may be hand-signed and include a small copyright notice and/or Diptica's logo if the nature of the work is TFCD/TFP.

JPEG pictures are sent to the client through Wetransfer, or available for download at www.diptica.com through a private and password-protected gallery.

Copyrights of the pictures remain the property of the photographer. Rights of use in digital media, prints, and other media are allowed to the client and included in the price, with unlimited time use.

The following form helps you calculate an approximate quote, but we will establish a correct one upon defining what you exactly need. Do not hesitate to contact us any time to quote the job.

More details on aquatic photography prices can be found here.