At Diptica® Photography & Video, we take the conservation and protection of our clients' digital files very seriously, including photographs and videos.

In today's digital age, data is increasingly valuable, and the importance of maintaining reliable backups cannot be underestimated. Whether as an individual or a company, ensuring the security and accessibility of our clients' files is crucial. However, it is essential to understand that providing long-term file backups involves significant resources, infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance. Therefore, it is reasonable to charge for the file backup maintenance service over a specific period of time.

  1. Infrastructure and Storage Costs: Maintaining a robust backup system requires sophisticated hardware, secure storage devices, and servers. These components need regular upgrades, monitoring, and maintenance to ensure the integrity and availability of your data. The cost of high-capacity storage devices and cloud services can also be considerable. By charging for backup services, Diptica® Photography & Video can cover these expenses and continue investing in infrastructure upgrades to provide a reliable and efficient backup solution.

  2. Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring: File backups involve more than just copying files to a storage medium. Continuous monitoring, routine backups, data verification, and periodic checks for possible errors or damages are necessary to maintain data reliability and recoverability. Trained professionals and dedicated staff are required to manage and oversee these tasks. Charging for backup services allows Diptica® Photography & Video to allocate resources to ensure our backups' smooth operation and reliability.

  3. Data Security and Protection: Data leaks, cyber-attacks, and accidental data loss are real threats in today's digital landscape. Backup service providers invest in robust security measures to protect your data, including encryption, access controls, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Regular security audits, updates, and compliance with industry standards are essential to protect our files. By charging for backups, Diptica® Photography & Video can invest in cutting-edge technologies and security practices to mitigate risks effectively.

  4. Accessibility and Recovery: The primary purpose of backups is to enable fast and reliable data recovery when needed. This involves maintaining redundancy, implementing efficient indexing and search mechanisms, and providing user-friendly interfaces to access and retrieve files. At Diptica® Photography & Video, we continuously improve access speeds, optimize recovery processes, and ensure seamless integration with various platforms and devices. Charging for backup services allows us to invest in these areas, providing enhanced accessibility and recovery capabilities for our clients.


While the concept of paying for file recovery from our backups may seem contradictory to some, it is a reasonable approach considering the significant investments, ongoing maintenance, and necessary security measures to provide a reliable and long-term backup solution. By charging for these services, Diptica® Photography & Video can ensure your data's sustainability, availability, and integrity, offering peace of mind and a safety net against data loss or disasters.


File Recovery Pricing
These prices apply to private or corporate clients, whether paid, free, TFP...

Free within the first 6 months from the date of file creation, either photo or video

Photos: €5 for each month elapsed from the date of file creation

Videos: €15 for each month elapsed from the date of file creation